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Non-Profit Status

Dear Parents, and Community Members, Pueblo de Los Angeles will be seeking to become a non-profit organization.


We are seeking this status to secure funding to:


Develop a one-to-one computer program at Pueblo HS.

Build an entrepreneur pathway for our students.

Provide a scholarship each year to one Pueblo graduate.


We are currently seeking a law office to help us file for non-profit status, preferably Pro-Bono.


With the current Covid-19 Virus, it is especially important that we have a one-to-one program at Pueblo de Los Angeles, so that all our students have access to the course curriculum 24/7. 


Please support us with your donations, to purchase additional Chrome Books to Assign to each of our students upon enrollment to Pueblo de Los Angeles High School.  Contact the principal for more information on our goal of one-to-one computer access for students.


Posted by: Martha Valencia Published:2/7/20
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