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Instructions for Pueblo De Los Angeles Parents








To get started with Schoology create an LAUSD Parent Portal Account



1.  You will need to create a PASSPORT account with LAUSD. If you have account,  CLICK HERE for the link to the Passport website. 


2.  If you do not have an account, you will need to register for an account.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER/REGISTRASE AQUÍ  You will need a personal email account to create a PASSPORT account. 


3.  Directions on how to register for a PASSPORT account IN ENGLISH HERE. Como registrarse  EN ESPAÑOL


4.  Once an account is created, you will need to add each student to your passport account.  You will need their LAUSD STUDENT ID code to do this.  Your child will have this number on their Student ID Card.


5. How to check your student's grades explained HERE. Como verificar las calificaciones de se estudiante en PASSPORT AQUÍ.